10 reasons to do regional work in Australia

By June 12, 2018Working Holiday

If you are in Australia and loving it, you may already be considering doing your 88 days of regional work to qualify for a second year of the Working Holiday visa (subclass 417). It is likely that you have met other travelers who have already completed their regional work, offering you stories about their many challenges living remotely. Or maybe if you are lucky, they will share the tale of their excellent adventure. There are so many factors that will add up to a completely unique experience for you, and with that in mind, we humbly offer our top ten reasons to do regional work in Australia.

  1. If you are living remotely, where it can take an hour or more to get groceries, then you will have a lot of quiet time on your hands. This can be a great opportunity to learn something new, practice the meditation techniques you have been avoiding or perhaps the perfect time to read the books that have long been sitting on your list.
  2. You are making that money, honey! And since you are living regionally, there probably aren’t many places to spend it, so you will be able to treat yourself when you get back on the road.
  3. You will likely accumulate a number of interesting stories to tell others once you are back in civilization.
  4. You will get to know yourself better as you are put in a new situation and tested in ways that you might not have been before.
  5. You will meet new people whom you can bond with over your shared experience. Since people from all over the world come to Australia, this can be a great opportunity to meet people from other cultures. This includes getting to know Australians and local culture as you wander away from the big cities!
  6. You will likely meet a plethora of creatures – some dangerous and some friendly – which will keep you on your toes. The Power of Now could be the perfect read to accompany your efforts to live in the moment as you complete your regional work.
  7. Many holiday makers have never done any gardening or farm work in their lives so regional work provides fertile ground to learn about the efforts that go into the food that (previously) seemed to get to your plate so easily. You will never look at those avocados quite the same!
  8. Regional work provides an opportunity for many people to get outside their comfort zone. Although it can be uncomfortable, in hindsight we tend to realize that these challenging experiences are what really make us grow.
  9. You will see incredible sunrises and sunsets, which may help to deepen your sense of connection to the land, and everything around you.
  10. We may have saved the best for last: you will get a second year to explore, work and play in Australia. This might be obvious, but in a country full of natural wonders and friendly people, one cannot understate the gift of another 365 days of life down under!


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