4 tips for Business Travellers to Australia

Perhaps you have realised that Australia could be a lucrative market for your business, or perhaps a conference is beckoning you. Maybe a potential supplier is located down under, or a networking opportunity has arisen. There are a number of reasons why business travellers make their way to Australia. Before you board that plane, here are 4 things every business traveller should know.

1) If you are exploring Australia as a market, there are a number of resources you can utilise to better understand the country in advance of setting foot on Australian soil. There are local business councils and Chambers of Commerce, as well as The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Austrade website, who can all provide helpful information so that you can make the most of your exploratory mission.

2) Be sure to arrange your visa in advance, as you will need it to conduct any business-related matters. Currently, this might look like the Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601), Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) (subclass 400) or eVisitor (subclass 651). You could consult with a Migration Agent if you are unsure which one best suits your needs.

3) Depending on where you are coming from, you may experience jet lag as it can be a bit of a journey to Australia. One helpful step you can take is to drink lots of water before, during and after your flight. The air is dry in planes, so if possible skip the alcohol, juice and coffee, and focus on keeping your body hydrated. Symptoms of dehydration can be mistaken for jet lag. Additionally, setting all of your devices to your destination time once you arrive at the airport is a great way to mentally get on your soon-to-be time zone. Try to marry up your sleep and other habits to align with what you will soon be doing at your destination.

4) Be prepared to talk to Australians in a way that will resonate with them. Don’t come in aggressively or boastfully, as this can be a turnoff in a country that can have “tall poppy syndrome” (a perceived tendency to disparage those who have achieved notable wealth or prominence). Be modest, interested in Australian culture, and unafraid to discuss how much you are enjoying your time down under. Australians love their country, and it can be a bonding experience when others do too!

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