408 Visa now includes Hospitality and Tourism as critical sector

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Hospitality and Tourism Covid 19

Covid has affected many different sectors of Australia’s economy. But Hospitality and Tourism was definitely one to take the hardest hit. With the borders closed, many restaurants and hotels have suddenly seen their revenue decrease drastically, along with a significant shortage in staff.

As an attempt to offer more support for these establishments and their employees, the Australian Government has included Tourism and Hospitality in the list of critical sectors contemplated by the 408 Covid Visa.

Who can apply for a 408 Covid Visa?

As explained in our previous post, the 408 Covid-19 is a last resort visa, which means it is available for temporary visa holders who do not have another visa option.

Furthermore, you have to be holding a substantive visa up to 90 days before applying, or had held a substantive visa expired 28 days or less before the day of lodgement. This means the 408 visa is not an option for those who are still on a bridging visa.

For how long can I stay on a 408 Covid Visa?

Introducing Hospitality and Tourism as a critical sector has allowed hospitality workers to apply for a COVID 19 Visa for up to 12 months.

Nonetheless, hospitality workers can apply for a new 408 visa just as long as they remain working in a critical sector.

What are the conditions for the 408 Covid Visa?

Just like other visas, the 408 Covid Visa does have some conditions.

First of all, you have to provide evidence of health insurance. You also need to keep working in the critical sector for the extent of your visa. However, the good news is that applicants are able to switch employers, just as long as they inform the Department of Home Affairs.

How can I apply?

If you think the 408 Covid Visa is right for you, Turnstone Migration can help you apply.

We offer special assistance, including assessing your eligibility, assisting with document gathering, and lodging your application, for a professional fee of $550.

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