Australia still top 10 for Foreign Direct Investment in 2017

After a huge year in 2016, where foreign investment inflows to Australia more than doubled, 2017 remained impressive at $46 billion. According to a report published by the United Nations, Australia is still in the top ten global destinations for FDI; moving up from the ninth to eighth position.


Australia is attractive for foreign investment for a number of reasons, including its safe, low-risk business environment. The country is in its 26th year of consecutive annual economic growth, and is underpinned by a labour force that is both skilled and diverse, thanks to its excellent education system and attraction of high-performing local and overseas workers. Australia is successful in key industries such as resources & energy, agribusiness, financial services, education and tourism. With strong ties to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region, it is no surprise that foreigners continue to show strong interest in investing down under.


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