Deciding to move to a new country either temporarily or more permanently is a big undertaking. There are many considerations to be made, and a number of complexities when it comes to visas and other logistical requirements. Though it is certainly possible to undergo the visa process individually, there can be complications and surprises along the way. Sometimes a little known rule or other technicality can make a simple application difficult – or get rejected altogether – which is why an Immigration Lawyer can be so helpful to have in your corner. So what is an Immigration Lawyer anyway?

1) An Immigration Lawyer has a sound knowledge of migration law and procedure, both of which are regularly changing in Australia. Keeping up with current visa options can be challenging for the average person, whereas a lawyer will be well versed in current affairs.

2) Because they have assisted with so many applications and have seen so many variables across all of their cases, they can anticipate the most effective way to get things done for you within the existing governmental processes.

3) Though it can add to your budget to employ the services of an Immigration Lawyer, this investment could end up saving you money in the end. Having a visa refused or delayed will cost you (like appealing at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or paying for a new visa), so in addition to the time and effort you save by having an Immigration Lawyer on your side, their expertise can help you avoid unnecessary and expensive delays.

4) They act professionally and in a timely manner. Their priority is seeing your visa successfully granted, and because it can be an all-consuming and stressful process, having an expert guide you through it will help you move through the process as smoothly as possible. If you struggle with the idea of putting together an application, for language reasons or otherwise, an Immigration Lawyer could end up being the best choice you make in your visa process.

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