Staying in Australia after your Working Holiday

It is not uncommon for Working Holiday makers to maximize their time in Australia, often opting to complete 88 days of regional work in order to be eligible for a second year down under (subclass 417 & 462). But what to do when that second year is over? There are a number of options, a few of which we outline below.

  • Transition to a Student visa (subclass 500). This is the most popular option as it is fairly accessible for most. Australia offers over 20,000 qualifying options in a wide range of topics in undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate course levels. Students on this type of visa are permitted to work up to forty hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during school holidays, making it an attractive option. 
  • Get sponsored by an employer, perhaps under the TSS visa (subclass 482). This will require considerably more effort as a number of requirements must be met, including your occupation being officially recognised as one that is in need. There are a few lists to check (STSOL and MLTSSL) and then among other things, your employer must demonstrate that there is no Australian who can fill the role. This may sound daunting, but it is certainly possible, as thousands of migrants are successfully doing it every year. 
  • Whilst here, did you fall in love with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen? Have you been in a genuine domestic partnership for more than 12 months? If yes then you may be eligible to apply for a Partner visa (subclass 820), which would allow you to stay and upon approval, become a permanent resident.

 All of these options have a number of requirements and nuances, so be sure to do your research, or reach out to us for further information and support.

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