Top 3 Destinations for Working Holiday makers

By June 12, 2018Working Holiday

Top 3 Destinations for Working Holiday makers

The opportunity to work and travel around Australia lures many a backpacker down under; around 200,000 young people in 2017 to be more specific. The Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) allows people aged 30 and under from a number of countries to work and travel around Australia for one year. An added bonus is that under this visa scheme, travellers can be eligible for a second year upon completion of 3 months of regional work.

While there are many beautiful places to explore, we present you with our top 3 picks for starting out your year of work and play.

1) Melbourne

A foodie’s dream, this city is full of restaurants, art and culture. With a bustling and hip vibe, there are a number of start-ups in addition to an established international business scene. This adds up to great opportunities to work in offices, cafés, retail and the tourism industry. A sweet bonus is that the Grampians, the Great Ocean Road or St. Kilda’s are all excellent, accessible adventures for days off.

2) Sydney

The iconic Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge first come to most people’s minds, and reflect this major city’s vibrant and dynamic nature. With the added draw of Bondi Beach, Manly Beach and a number of other beautiful oceanfront areas where Working Holiday makers can find jobs, it is no wonder so many are drawn to the big city.

3) Cairns

This city in Far North Queensland is considered the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. With nearby rainforests and waterfalls, opportunities for adventure sports, and of course reef exploration, this city draws travellers despite its distance from Australia’s popular cities above. With cheaper living accommodations and the possibility of completing regional work, this area is a great destination for Working Holiday makers.

Honourable mentions: Adelaide (less tourists, more local culture with access to the beach and the hills), Airlie Beach (gateway to the stunning Whitsunday Islands with lots of work opportunities during high season), Byron Bay (a small beach town best known as a destination for yoga and all things wellness, where many Working Holiday makers are keen to drop their bags for some time) and Perth (a cool city that offers a special mix of urban life and nature).

If you have worked and traveled in Australia, where do you recommend? Leave us a comment – you might help out a fellow traveller!


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